Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday today! I am – I’m very busy! :)

I am just getting over being sick with something so I am making up for it now by working on a lot of things. I was busy taking pics over the weekend of some new items that I am going to be posting later today (hopefully) and also will be posting some finished orders that I took pics of but never edited to post. Sorry about that.

Like I stated on my FB page, I had planned on doing a big thing for when I reached 400 fans and then I passed that so quick and then 500 came and went… so I gave the 400th fan a gift certificate and am trying to get to the 500th fan. If I don’t hear anything from her today I will move on to the next person after her. I am working on doing a big celebration – just not sure when. I didn’t think I would grow this fast! :) So THANK YOU!!!!

All, I can say is keep referring your friends. If you need to get in touch with me about an order, please use the contact tab. I do not get all notifications instantly so if you really need me, that would be the best way.

That is about all and hope everyone has a safe and happy labor day!

Much Love,

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